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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When you're so hard to get over with.

No mood to post today lor!!
Just want to post one thing : MYE TOTALLY SUCKED.
I failed all my subjects except for English and Chinese.
That two subjects only just pass lor.
I must REALLY REALLY buck up for Prelims and O's liao.
I was thinking just now while bathing..
"What will i become after O's? What kind of homework will i have in poly?"
Ngee Ann Polytechnic!
I think i'm going for 'Early Childhood Education'..
If i can i hope i can opt for Business course.. T^T

加油加油 See-To YuTing !
All the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Pst: Going to have MT paper 1 tmr.
Sian! Study time later.
Psst: I hope i won't get a harsh scolding from my parents aft they have learnt about my results.. D:
Pssstttt: I must reach my target! :) Smile Yutingny. :D

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