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Friday, April 24, 2009

Captain's ball !

Today, school was okay! (Actually can say it's quite a fun and happy day!)
Okay, we had F&N at first. Nothing much happened, done until 3-day food journal. Going into Decision Making this coming monday. (Oh gosh, have to stay back aft school on monday!)

Thn, we had PE. For PE, some people had nothing to do at first. (As we've finished our NAPHA) Idk spell correct anot ! (>.<) Okay w/e. Thn, i suggeested to Mr Troy that we play ball games! (I've been waiting to play Captain's ball!)

Thn, cher asked me to get the ball from the other class. So i just took it. :P

At first, not much of the class were playing as others were hanging ard the hall or was with cher to do Standing broad jump. ( Some have not done it! )

So thn, we started playing. Slowly, more and more boys from our class joined the game.

The malay boys.. etc. And significantly, the girls decreased. And ite, left me only! (I didn't notice until Nisa told me.. Lol. Was having fun playing with them.) Alot of jokes uhs~! Esp the malay boys. Chinese boys also very funny.

The game was fun. ;D

Thn z.fattah, syafiq and co.. (Very chaotic! I can't rmb everyone of them! List out also very time consuming also! :PP) Z.fattah and Syafiq i rmb, cause they were the great players of my team! (No offence ah! Others were great also. But they caught my attention that's all. LOL.)

Z.fattah could jump very high! Syafiq could throw very far.

As i was the one (captain) catching the ball.

Syafiq did a move that made me remembered it till now. O.O

From the other side of the hall, he threw the ball all the way to the 'some where half of the hall' Horizontally.

Wow.. I caught it siah. Nice catch for me also! HAHA! ;X Thn, for the last 15 mins, whole class came into the game. Ite, it was the 4E4' Boys Captain's ball. LOL. I became the one to count their points.

Mr Troy asked me " Eh, u were the one who started making noise to play ball game, how come ite stand her and watch?" Lol.. I nothing to say. haha.

Boys want play let them play lor.. (I don't think boys will want me to join one lor.. S: ) :( *No offence!* ;X

Okay w/e, i'm too sensitive. HAHHAHAHAH.

They play very violent, i don't dare play. HAHA.

Thn, we had CME. Was very chaotic and noisy.

Relief teacher was having a hard time to speak to the class. ASEAN talk. So she had to ask each person to read out the slides, to divert their attention to whoever who is talking. Ite, i was the one who was reading all the slides as teacher looks really fed up. Lmao. -.-

Thn, had maths. Miss Siti looks quite fed up today! :/ But everything ended okay.. Had Chinese paper 2 (mock) after school. Quite okay uh.. Hope i didn't flunk it. Lol!

Thn, went to Lot one to have lunch with Michelle. Porridge. :D Saw David, Eric Chen, Isaac, Elton and Ryan having lunch at Food junction also. Lol. Eric chen wanted to go have movie "17 again" one! I want to watch also! But too bad, i brought too lil money. T.T

P/s: LOL. Some of the malay boys started teasing me " You spin my head right round right round." Fattah Razaaq started it first! LOL. Cute lor they all. Only 4E4 Students will know why they'll start that tease! :PPPPPPP HAHAHHA.

Psst: Some no life people just like to write nonsense comments.. Tsktsktsk. :D (Can quite understand lah hor ? HAHA.)

Psstttt: I want to go Warren leh! So long bo go liao!
Psssttt: Have to study for chinese bzbd! (It's a must today! LOL)

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