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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jiro lovedddd. Wuchun toooo. :D :D

Heehee. Fahrenheit so hot. LOL. Wuchun, Aaron, Jiro, Calvin. :D
Me and Amanda! She very cute right ! P5 only, fashion sense quite strong !
I rmb when i was p5, I was still a nerdy. .___.

Amanda making fun of me and binbin! *I used my hair to cover. LOL.*

Hey oh! Back to post finally. AHAHAHHAHA.
So lazy to post luh. :(
Busy with school also.
So many testsssss.
Today, i just flunked my chem/bio test.
I tell you, i did study okay!
But the nervous came to me when i had the papers,
and *POOF!*
My mind went blanko. And my feeling was like >> O.O?
Shit it. -.-
But nevermindddd. Lol. I'll work hard. I guess. /:

I'm feeling so darn stress and tired this week! Probably because of the long monday i had.
I told myself one of these days i must get a good nap in the afternoon!
But coming home everyday is alr so late. Still have so much homework waiting for me, how would i have enuff time for nap! (!!!!!) *Adds many many many many many many many many exclamation marks*
Let's talk about monday.
Had school till 3plus.
Went to Binny's grandma house. (Waited for binny to bathe.)
Thn, she took about an hour!
Oh noooo.
Rushed home with her. (My home! LOL)
Thn, bathed, changed, had maggie meee.
Rushed out at about 5plus. Met up Michelle Wong and Amanda Wong. LOLS.
*Must emphasize the WONG because i got quite a few friends w' michelle and amanda. LOL*

Okay back back back, monday.
Went to mediacorp.
Took the train to amk, thn took cab down.
Gosh, so darn many people kae ! (Because of fahrenheit ! Omg omg, loves them lots. LOL)
Thn, blah blah blah. Went in, like bloody hot at the carpark. A stupid *hai tan* (Translate it to english) gl so much. -.- Almost don't let us go in lah!
Bloody haitan. I was thinking, i come all the way here and you tell me not to go in anymore, i'm gonna bloody slap you haitan face. (:x)
Thn, good thing a girl came over and said can go in, but have to sit on the stairs. *I don't mind! As long as i get to go in and see fahrenheit ! )
THNNNN. the bloody haitan crap so much, say w/e w/e.
Thn i don't care. Call my friends to come in of the entrance.
WOAH! She not happy, say only those with w/e shit thn can go in. toot her lah hor. LOL. (Ji dong!!)
Thn i just walk down the stairs into the theatre, she asked me to come back, i ignored. -.-

Got in finally! SO much craps thr lah.
Okay, settled down, but at Rachel's fans thr. .___. (Like so paiseh lah, i cheer for jos, only me thr cheering, other rachel fans keep looking at me. .___. But i ignored. LOL.)

Fahrenheit came in ! Took pictures of them using binny cam!
Thn the bloody haitan came, and scold binny! Pls lah, is i ask her to take one ley! zzz.
So many people taking lah, scold us only. Haitan.

But nvm, we still got some of fahrenheit's pics. Heeheeeeeee! I so elated.
I was mad that day, my voice almost became a man, because of all the screamings and shoutings. LOL.
One important thing! Jiro and calvin waved at me! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ~ (Carries on)

-Still screaming...

Okay, enough. LOLS. I love fahrenheit.
But disappointing thing is .. Wuchun very 'dao'. D:
Idk what happen to him. Sad sad. :'(
Fahrenheit sang 3 songs. They were all so handsome and cute ! Omg omg.

Fahrenheit left, so did most of the people. LOL.
Left only those supporters of the campus superstar people.
But by that time, it wad alr 10 plus.
Left, took the bus to yishun took train. Crapped. Home. :)

Done for monday! LOL.
(I'm still having flashbacks of how cute aaron, wuchun, jiro and calvin were! AHAHHHHHHHHH~)

Okay, Mock chinese exam tmr. Idk what to study. LOLOLOL.
Ps : May be going to catch a movie with friends tmrw ! Heehee!
Pss: Warren? Idk. Most probably! :D

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