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Saturday, April 4, 2009

To : JOSELINSUCKS (On my tagboard)

Hey. Stop tagging mean things about Joselin.
Why are you so mean to her ? What did she do to offend you ? (You can tag on my board, with your name.)
Btw, do you know you can be sued for slandering , even in cyber ? (Because police can track your IP. It may not be trustful, but police can find you.)
So please, Grow up. Don't cyber-bully Joselin anymore.
It's for your own sake.
Anything you're not happy with her, you can go talk to her nicely. (:
Anyway, don't let grudges make you unhappy alright. Don't make life difficult for others. It's a sin. (:
Byebye. (:
Afterall, Joselin's a nice friend of mine. (:

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