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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Emo siah!

Tsk. It's not my days these few days. Understand ? :(
No one understands how i feel..

Anyw, ty cutie pie. :D (I felt better aft the.. !you know what! ) Lol.

Today, nothing much to post. Lazy to post i guess.
I'm quite satisfied with myself. I've done my chinese paper 2 in 1 and a half hours. Just nice. And i didn't anyhow do, i do it, slowly, understanding the passages. ( I almost fell asleep in two mock papers today. One is English paper 2, one is Chinese paper 2. Lol.)
P/s: I think i did quite badly for English! Was very tired! (!!!!!)

Wth, sluttish.
2-sided face.
Like, omg, no words can be used to explain you. Yes! You! Tsk.

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