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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Imissyou , D:

Bleah! Used webcam and my own phone camera take der!

Edited! HAHA. Light light nice nice. ^^

Hey oh~!
Omg, i can't believe it.
At this point of time, i'm still blogging.
I suppose to MIA from posting~! CAUSE mye's around the corner you see. D:
Sad lah. T.T ( I haven't studied for anything yet ! Seriously!)
And i feel so guilty now. :(
I have Chinese paper 2 tmr! (Mock one!)
Not really afraid of that.. I'm afraid of Chinese Mock paper 1 ! Tskkkkkk.
Have to rmb all the bzbd points!!!!! Fyi, bzbd is "bao zhang bao dao" :/
Headache siol. )):
(It's not that i want to rmb, i'm forced by my chinese teacher, she said if i didn't use the points she gave for bzbd and i fail it, I MUST STAY BACK EVERYDAY TO STUDY FOR IT. 8^%&$@#!#!!!!! )

I still got Social studies SBQ, SEQ! ZZZ.
And POA so many questions!

Sad sad. :( O level's so tiring! I hope i could get over and done with this quickly! (But must score well luh! :() Jiayous! Gambatae!

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