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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Thursday(:

I had QUITE a good thrusday. LOL.
Had school till 2plus.
Done finished math and left school with Michelle.

Was thinking about Isabel and geoffrey this morning, like.. haven't been hanging out for quite some time..
Surprisingly, I recieved calls and smses from her and geoffrey today. :D
Met them at Yew tee Burger King. Geo was there too, with another friend.

Chatted, they ate, left and headed to geoffrey's house.
Laughs, jokes, chats, com. lol.
We kinda caught up with each other's life. (:
Bryan came abruptly. LOL.
Scared me and Isabel out of our wits.
Grace bought me french fries. (TY! <3)>
Geoffrey treated me with KitKats! (TY! <3)
Left at ard 6plus near 7.
Separate ways.

Now.. slacking at home since i came back. Lol.
Going for picnic with family, cousin and aunty tmr!(:
East coast!(:Hope it'll be an enjoyable day!!
Ps: Mommy is going to cook her best dish: Rendang chicken! HAHA!)
Pss:Michelle and family is going overseas tmr! Bon voyage. (I WILL MISS YOU MICHX. T.T) LOL.
Psst: Have to go back for class on Sat! Chinese! -.-" 8am to 10am!! / Maths matrices test next week!! :S

Byebye lovelys. (((((:

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