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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just shut up the craps and leave?
Okay, w/e. HAHA. Spammers are just wasting their time spamming uh.
Oh well. I should do something more productive. :D
Going to start on my *new* chinese paper 2 practice.
Bye lovelys. (:

Psst: I shall not procrastinate anymore. :X Heehee.
Pssst: Idk i spelled correctly a not! HAHA.
Pssst: Do dreams come true ? *Cause i want you. :(*
Psssst: Love me, love me not. D:


{Edited} Yoyo. It's sunday alr. LOL.
Last to make new post so i'll post here.
Was talking to C last night.
HAHA. Music freak luh. LOL.
Today, very bored at home.
Tmr have POA siah! But i didn't do homework. ZZZ.
So lazy to do lorrrrr.
Anyw, i have done my practice for chinese paper two last night. Ha.
Quite hard uh, but i've tried my best.
Okay, no happenings. I've nothing to post.
Byebye (:


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