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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oral :D

Today, had oral till 4pm plussss.
During waiting time, the girls were crazy. LOL. (Including me :D)
We played, crapped, drew on the whiteboard. LOLS.
Mad us, we drew alot of things. Including dirty stuff. :X! LOL.
Had oral with Miss Goh. (Seriously, i'm very nervous until the part that i didn't even know what Miss Goh was talking/asking to me about. -.- (!!) Bad bad. /:
But, heng, it was quite a nice convo with Miss Goh. HAHA.

School was fine today. Had maths quiz, score 14/20. WTH ! 1 mark to teacher's standard. ZZZ!
Took back my maths lvl test. Shit it. I scored 12/40. ZZZ !
Need parent's signature.. T.T DIE . /:
But i'll harder next time..

Ytd aft school, went walk walk at lot one with Michelle and Rasis ! :D
Chat alot, (Shock alot also. -.-) LOL. I think only Michelle and Rasis will know what that means.. HAHA!

Just now, had chinese remedial. (Not rlly remedial luh, self-study liddat)

Miss Soh watching us lorrrrr. HAHA. But i need to study chinese AND do finish FNN coursework asap. BYEBYE LOVELIES. LOL.
Psst: My fingernail inside bleed ! T.T Because of library's sharp laminated "Teachings" on the table. T.T SOBSOB.
Psssst: But FAHRENHEIT made me feel happier. HAHA. :D

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